Koala Sampler APK v1.4052

Koala Sampler – a sound sampler, which is ideal for anyone who is somehow engaged in creating music compositions, creating a sound series for video files, preparing high-quality samples for libraries, and so on. The project provides a very convenient working environment, which will help you plan and work out further actions to achieve your goal without using a lot of professional equipment. And also look for the sound itself or similar to its analog here. Fast, simple and with a very wide range of features that provide everything you need.

Jun 13, 2022
Size 11MB
Version 1.4052
Requires Android
6.0 and up

Koala is the perfect pocket-sized sampler. You can instantly record anything using your phone’s microphone. Koala can be used to make beats, add effects, and create tracks!
The intuitive interface of Koala makes it easy to create tracks quickly. There is no brake pedal. The effects allow you to resample your app’s output into the input, allowing for endless sonic possibilities.

Koala’s design is focused on making music-making easy and quick. It keeps you in the moment and makes it enjoyable, and not getting bogged down with micro-editing and parameters.

* Record up 64 samples using your mic
* 16 amazing built-in effects can transform your voice and any other sound.
* Re-sample the app’s output into a new sample
* Export loops and entire tracks in professional-quality WAV files
* Drag and drop to copy/paste or merge sequences
* Make beats using the high-resolution sequencer
* Import your samples
* You can play chromatically, or one of the 9 scales with keyboard mode
* Add swing to get the right feeling
* Normal/One-shot/Loop/Reverse playback of samples
* Each sample can be adjusted for attack, release, and tone
* You can add any of the 16 effects to your entire mix.
* MIDI Controllable – Play your samples on a keyboard

NOTE: Please turn on “safeaudio mode” in Koala’s Audio Settings if you are having problems with microphone input.

8 Built-in Microphone FX
* Additional Bass
* Additional Treble
* Fuzz
* Robot
* Reverb
* Up the Octave
* Octave down
* Synthesizer

16 Built-in DJ Mix FX
* Bit-crusher
* Pitch-shift
* Comb filter
* Ring modulator
* Reverb
* Stutter
* Gate
* Resonant High/Low Pass Filters
* Cutter
* Reverse
* Dub
* Tempo Delay
* Talkbox
* VibroFlange
* Dirty
* Compressor

What’s new?

* Fixed problem in which song name was not always displayed in the song panel
* Fixed auto chop “Keep original”
* Help button redirects you to a more helpful help page
* Fixed midi mapping for the keyboard toggle button.
* Fixed non-midi-mapped pad note in landscape mode
* Click the button to delete the stem-separation neural network file in your settings

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