LADB — Local ADB Shell APK v2.0

LADB — Local ADB Shell – the application was created so that users themselves, by writing commands, could disable everything unnecessary on their mobile gadgets. This allows you not only to eliminate various junk interfering with the internal space of the device, but also to adjust its operation purely to your requirements and tasks. Convenient interaction (as far as possible, given the quality of this software), a wide range of features, the availability of instructions for achieving certain goals, as well as much more ensures high productivity and interest in such quality programs.

Jul 3, 2022
Size 2MB
Requires Android
8.0 and up

WARNING: LADB does not work with 32-bit Android 11 and higher devices. The new pairing method is not supported. 64-bit devices should work perfectly :
What is the secret to it?
LADB bundles the ADB server into the app libraries. This server can’t connect to the local device normally because it needs an active USB connection. The Wireless ADB Debugging feature of Android allows both the client and server to communicate locally.

Initial Setup
1. About -> Build Number Click 7 Times
2. Developer Settings -> Wireless ADB Debugging -> On
3. Developer Settings -> ADB Debugging -> On

Try this:
1. Enable Airplane Mode
2. Remove any USB device
3. Kill and release the LADB

Are you still having trouble? This is what you can do:
1. Close LADB complete
2. Developer Settings -> Wireless ADB Debugging -> Off
3. Developer Settings -> ADB Debugging -> Off
4. Developer Settings -> Revoke authorizations
5. Reboot
6. Developer Settings -> Wireless ADB Debugging -> On
7. Developer Settings -> ADB Debugging -> On
8. Enable Airplane Mode
9. Open LADB

What’s new?

I am working on a huge update to fix many of the issues I receive emails about. I have reworked the app and fixed many bugs.

* Fix constant hiding/showing keyboard
* Check if the pairing has been invalidated and prompt again
* More effective logging
* If the device is not connecting within 2 minutes, please show error and help
* Show help button for pairing dialog
* Add a link in the help menu to the tutorial
* A new color scheme
* Try to resolve pairing problems
* Press the reset button.
* I forgot to add

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