Little Inferno APK v1.3.2

Little Inferno – a game on Android in which you, will burn different things in the fireplace. Throw in the fireplace old toys, letters of friends, various robots, model cars, tiny nuclear reactors and much more. The more things you burn, the more money you earn, and you can spend them on various pleasant bonuses. The game will warm on cold winter evenings.

Dec 28, 2021
Size 159MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Congratulations on your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Toys can be thrown into the fire and played with as they burn. Keep warm inside. It’s cold outside!

– IGF Grand Prize Finalist
– IGF Nuovo Award Finalist
-IGF Tech Excellence Finalists and Winners
– IGF Design Honorable Mention
– IGF Audio Honorable Mention

“A stunning masterpiece that everyone should attempt… It might be the most compelling, beautiful indie game I have ever played all year.” (Gamezone)

“An eloquent statement about games and how they are played.” (Engadget)

“The only test I want to pass regarding a good game is that it stays with me. It should be ingrained in my mind for many days after it was played. Little Inferno is simple. It is both charming and bold. It is a lingering presence. It burns brightly. It burns brightly. (Kotaku)

“Entrancing, beautiful and surprising…one the most emotionally-affecting gaming experiences that I have had in a while.” (Forbes)

Screaming robots, screaming logs, credit cards and batteries can be used to make flaming logs, explode fish, nuclear weapons, or tiny galaxies. A story about looking up at the chimney and seeing the cold world beyond.

* Design by Henry Hatsworth and World of Goo in the Puzzling Adventure

* 100% Indie – Made by 3 guys, with no offices, publishers, funding

* IAP free – No spam, upselling, or ads. Only the game. It’s as short, clean, and polished as it can be.

* Soundtrack is available for free on our website.

* You can play in English, Spanish and French as well as Dutch, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. We are grateful to all our volunteers translators!

What’s new?

Some devices, especially Pixel 6/6 Pro, may experience startup crashes.

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