Make More! APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.5.9

Welcome to the world of factory business! Start with just one factory and an employee in this silly work simulator. Hire more, build more and make more to become an industry leading big shot. You’re the boss! And the boss of the bosses! At least until you meet THE BIG BOSS…

May 12, 2022
Size 36MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Welcome to the world factory business!
This silly work simulator allows you to start with one factory and one employee. To become an industry-leading boss, you need to hire more people, build more, and do more. You are the boss! You are the boss! At least, until you meet THE BIG BOMB…

* MANAGE – Hire and train your employees. Are they not productive enough? They can be replaced with robots
* EXPAND – Run multiple factories simultaneously, upgrade and create more insane products
* IDLE – Too lazy to boss around? Understandable. Automate! Profit!
* ACHIEVE: Make THE BIG BOMB happy and earn rewards
* COLLECT: Get all 200+ workers, bonuses jobs, and trophies…
* PRESTIGE – Level up and start over with better workers, better bonus, better everything
* MONEY – Tap tap tap to become a multi-billionaire multi-factory tycoon.

These factories are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Each factory is run by a crazy boss like the medieval king or circus clown, who motivates his hardworking employees by hitting the table and shouting. Like your boss. Your parents. Or spouse. This is what we call “maximizing profits through positive motivation”.

The workers? You’ll find a lot of workers at the factory waiting for you to hire them! You are their boss and can train them, and reward the top performers with golden medals or the Employee of the Day award.

Did we mention the loot and surprise boxes? Give your factory bosses a cup coffee or energy drink to boost productivity. This motivates them! What about motivating 80’s disco music! Your employees will be able to dance, jam and even make more!

Be the boss of your company and make more!

Tip! Time Challenge event occurs every weekend. To unlock Time Challenges or Product Collection, you must collect one trophy.

!!WARNING!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE You won’t be able to put it down once you begin playing Make More!

Get More! You can play the app for free, but you may be charged an additional fee. If you wish to completely disable in-app purchase, please refer to your device’s settings.

We’d appreciate it if you’d report any issues you’re having with the game to [email protected]; please include your device make and model.

What’s new?

* Training Gym Training your employees to earn permanent bonuses and great profits.
* Training Gym Shop: Purchase training equipment and gym upgrades
* Auto-Clicker upgrades! Are you tired of clicking? These are the right tools for you!
* Popular request: Robot upgrader automaton You have a factory with robots and tons of coins. This is what you will love.
* Tip: Create three factories to unlock your training gym

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