Malwarebytes MOD APK (Paid features Unlocked)

The Malwarebytes security app blocks scams and secures your smartphone or tablet. Protect your phone and tablet from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and …

May 18, 2022
Size 53MB
Requires Android 6.0

Malwarebytes offers award-winning antimalware security and protection against viruses. Malwarebytes Premium is now available for a 30-day free trial.
Malwarebytes Security App blocks all types of scams and protects your tablet or smartphone. Just a few taps will protect your smartphone and tablet against viruses, malware and spyware.

Our powerful cybersecurity features can be set up from anywhere and managed easily. Our security app scans for malware and viruses to detect and prevent future attacks.

Why use Malwarebytes?
* Anti-malware technology that has won awards for its ability to remove malware traces from other antivirus programs
* Malwarebytes Antivirus App is Ad-Free, Forever
* Malwarebytes detects and blocks approximately 4 million threats every day
* The security app is simple to use with just one click
Malwarebytes is downloaded by over 300,000 people every day to enhance their mobile security.

Malwarebytes is available for download to improve your internet security.


Malware Removal and Remediation
– Malware scanner: Find and remove adware and malware, bloatware and other malicious software
– Threat scan: Select from one of two scans to scan files, apps, or folders for malware.
Protect your tablet or phone with our award-winning malware protection. We can also help you to resolve any issues that other antivirus apps cannot.
Malware Removal: Our app removes all trace of malware and prevents them coming back

Online Security Audit
With just a few taps, get a complete overview of your phone and tablet security
Get mobile security recommendations based upon your audit results

Privacy Check
Privacy Protector: Check what information is being shared between your Android devices
Privacy app features allow you to see exactly what each app can access, such as location, fees and call monitoring

Malwarebytes Premium is a free 30-day trial that will protect your mobile security.


Real-time Protection
– Protect your phone and tablet with additional layers of protection that actively prevent threats from taking over your device

Anti-ransomware Protection
Protect your computer from malware and other online threats with this comprehensive malware removal service
Protect your phone from ransomware-which locks your device and files, then demands payment in order to unlock it again

PUP/PUM Protection
Our anti-malware scanner detects benign, but likely annoying software known as Potentially Unwanted Software and Potentially Unwanted Changes

Scheduled Scan
– Scheduled malware scanner: Scan automatically after a reboot or an update. Or at any other time you choose

Power Savings Scan
– Only scan while the battery is charged. Skip scans if it’s low or in power saving mode.

Safe Browsing/Web Protection
– Check URLs-protect you against online scams, malicious links, and phishing sites-and alert you if any risky websites are detected
Safer browsing across all devices
Malwarebytes Chrome Extension: To further protect yourself against threats, you can use the Malwarebytes Chrome Extension

Malwarebytes Chromebook is an app specifically designed to protect your Chromebook. Google Play will detect if you are viewing this page from an Android device or Chromebook, and will automatically install Malwarebytes products.

We use these devices:
Android 7 and higher devices that have an active Internet connection.

Malwarebytes is a leading Internet security company based in Santa Clara, California. They have been around for over ten years.

What’s new?

Stability/issues fixed
* Bugfix: License activation resulting Error code: MB4000 “License key error. We are unable activate your license because there is an error with your license key.
* Minor bug fixes and improvements

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