Monster Hunter Stories APK 1.0.3 + Mod

This is an RPG adventure game. There will be various monsters in this game. The game tells the story of the growth between the protagonist and the monster. In this game, players need to continuously learn and cultivate monsters. The biggest highlight of this game is the integration of RPG and monster hunting elements. Players need to challenge different monster bosses.

Apr 11, 2022
Size 85MB
Version 1.0.3
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Monster Hunter Stories available for a discount until July 10,
Before purchasing this app or using it, please read the “Important Notes”. After purchase, credit or returns cannot be granted.

This app does not require you to make in-app purchases

* Game Features
Recruit many Monsties
Your adventure will be supported by Monsties and the relationships you forge with them. You can explore vast areas and dungeons in search of monster dens. The eggs you find will be used to hatch new Monsties.

– The smartphone version now has new features!
The new improvements include stunning high-resolution graphics, a better user interface, and an auto-save function!

* Story
The story starts in a forest close to Riders. Three young friends, Cheval, Lilia and the hero, stumble upon a glowing egg.

The trio attempts to imitate the Rite of Kinship but is shocked when it succeeds.

The egg hatches and reveals a baby Rathalos. This flying wyvern is known as “The King of the Skies”. He is affectionately called “Ratha” by the trio and they take him back to the village.

The Black Blight infects the village without warning. Although they manage to drive it away it leaves a lasting scar on Cheval and Lilia.

One year has passed…

The Village Chief gives the hero a Kinship Stone and he officially becomes a Rider. Both Cheval and Lilia leave the village on their respective paths. Although they are no longer close to their childhood friends, the hero teams up with Navirou and sets off on a new adventure in the world of hunters.

You are invited to share a story of triumph and friendship with Monster Hunter Stories.

[Important Notes]
* Please refer to the following link for information on compatible devices and how much space is required to download the latest version.
Notice: It is possible that the amount of space needed may change depending upon the update.

* Important Notice Concerning the Network Battle Function
The Network Battle function has been removed from Google Play Games as of March 31, 2020. This is due to a Google Play Games change. After updating to Ver.1.0.2, all Titles earned from Battle Ranks will be accessible. We have also created a way for players to still claim the reward that can only be obtained through Network Battle. For more information, please update the app and visit “Network Battle” within the app.
Note: After completing some stories, the Network Battle menu will be available.

* Additional Notes
When you first start the app, you will need to agree to the “Monster Hunter Stories End-User License Agreement” (link down).
– The story is the same as that on the handheld console version of the app.
– This version does not include a number of handheld console features such as certain collaboration content, amiibo features and local Network Battles.
Delete this app to erase all saved data.
This app is only available for download via Wi-Fi.
– QR codes for Battle Party from the Japanese version won’t work.

What’s new?

Important Announcement

Precautions when updating

Please make a backup of all your data when you update your app. Your saved data may not be available if the app does not update.

– Ver.1.0.4 Update Contents

* Stability improvements

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