Muse Dash APK v2.5.0

Come and feel the movement of the world, created by a mirror image with three beauties! This is the world of the perfect combination of a cool game with elements of parkour and traditional musical arcade. You are destined to become our Teacher! Do not you have nimble fingers? Do not be too modest!

Jul 13, 2022
Size 34MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

“Hitting while listening music. “Is that a call from another dimension?”
[Game starts now –!!]

Beautiful girls
Or rhythmic music?
If you have the space, both of them can be yours.
It must be the paradis of rhythm and parkour — Muse Dash! !

Huh?! Not your forte? It doesn’t really matter!
Is it true that you need to have a sense of rhythm in order to win?
You can also avoid (?
You can have 100% passion, courage, and love for beautiful girls as long as you are passionate.
“Rhythm and fight won’t be an issue” ( ).

[Gameplay] You can beat your enemies by dancing to the music. Be aware of obstacles! !
This is a simple, beginner-friendly rhythm game (o)

[Media Review] Ke Ai rashiibiziyuarunokiyarakutagaYue Dong suru, Xin Gan Jue no2Dakushiyonsutairunorizumugemu —-IGN Japan

“A bright exterior conceals a deep and engaging mashup POCKET GMER

What’s new?

1. Six songs and two illustrations are included in the new music pack!
2. [AKUMU / feat. tug – Toiki. has been added to the [Just as Planned] PLUS!
3. New hidden sheets for [On And On!!] [On and On!!] To unlock, press the master difficulty button
4. Get Sister Marija’s illustration for Buro’s Birthday by Chips
5. You can search for the song using title, artist, or level designer.

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