My Cafe MOD APK 2022.6.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Play the My Cafe restaurant game with new friends and old ones to have even more fun. Compete against owners of other coffee shops in cooking mania challenges …

Jun 6, 2022
Size 173 MB
Version 2022.6.1.0
Requires Android 6.0

Do you love coffee and having fun? You are in the right place. You can enter My Cafe to start your own restaurant story.
Your cafe can be built from scratch and transformed into a 5-star restaurant. Show the world how success looks with MyCafe and expand your MyCafe empire. Ready? Let’s go!

What’s in this thrilling adventure of cooking games?

* This coffee simulator will test your entrepreneurial skills and help you grow your cafe. You can fill the fridge with food, make coffee, and expand your menu to improve your kitchen skills.
* Run your restaurant and manage your team to conquer the cooking simulator universe. You can make delicious coffee, create new products, and prepare amazing meals for your customers.
* Turn a basic cafeteria into a restaurant with amazing cooking skills.
* Waiter games are a GO! You will need to hire professionals for this culinary adventure. With a team like this you will be able to win the restaurant games challenge by waiting for staff, baristas, and even a cook organizer.

* Turn your cooking mama cafe into an elegant cafe by unlocking your inner chef games designer
You have no limit to your creativity in this restaurant game. You can choose from many decorating styles and position furniture to make your humble coffee shop unique.
* There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking to improve your burger skills or take your street food to the next level.

This cooking simulator adventure is never dull. You’ll have tons of fun and be rushed, from playing cooking games to keeping up with big cooking trends to serving meals.
* Discover the characters of coffee towns and how they might influence your customers. You can learn their favorite orders and enhance your drinks and snacks menu by adding delicious treats and new coffee recipes. All community members are welcome to enjoy coffee and desserts, including the local librarian, grade-school teacher, and police officer. If you get their orders right, you’ll have satisfied customers for the rest of your life.
* Drama? Romance? My Cafe offers it all. In the cafe, worlyou’ll’llworlyou’ll go on a cooking voyage like no other. You might meet your culinary crush.
* You have the freedom to choose. This is your cooking adventure. You can choose your own path through the My Cafe simulation and enjoy an unforgettable diner games adventure.

* You like to do it all. This coffee shop game is for you if you enjoy coffee socializing. To have more fun, play the My Cafe restaurant game alongside old and new friends. Compete against other coffee shop owners in cooking mania challenges for the chance to win the prize of a top-ranked barista on the food game planet.
* Have fun, visit festivals, do tasks, and expand your coffee empire.

All coffee lovers, it’s your chance to unleash your superpowers as a barista and create custom coffees in this cafe adventure game.
Make yourself a cup Of Coffee Aslett and let’s go to My Cafe!

Not required: You will need an internet connection to play the game

What’s the new

Yoo-hoo! My Cafe, Happy Birthday! Participate in the Marathon of Festivals! Level 8+: It’s time for adventure! Ann and Chloe will be on an island full of unicorns. A party? A party? You can help the residents have a great time! Someone has been secretly growing ‘coffee’; it’s not hot on their trail! It’s Flower Season! Earn trophies at festivals to win more diamonds with Flowers * More stories at level 52 * Ginger Machine level 53 Thank you for six wonderful years of playing and happy play!

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