Papas Burgeria APK 1.2.1

This is a very testable game that requires you to complete the customer’s request in the shortest possible time, pay attention to every detail, record the customer’s request, and then according to their request to make hamburgers, pay attention to the furnace and time, but also Pay more attention to the new customers in the hall, simulate the reality of the Hamburg store, will be let you put it down the game.

Mar 24, 2021
Size 22MB
Version 1.2.1
Requires Android 2.2 and up

NOTE: This app can only be used on tablets
Grab your spatula, and prepare for a burger-flipping adventure. You are now in charge of Papa Louie’s famed Burgeria. You will need to accept orders, grill patties and add toppings, then serve the burgers at all your crazy customers.

You will have complete control over every step of the burger-building procedure thanks to this hands-on time management game. Multitasking is key. You will need to manage multiple tasks and move between different areas of the restaurant.

To earn more points and move up, keep your customers happy! Your level will increase and you’ll be able to unlock new toppings in your shop. This will lead to more customers visiting Burgeria.


The updated and remastered Papa’s Burgeria includes a wide range of unlockable toppings, sauces, and new customers that are not available in the previous editions. You’ll encounter Closer customers, who are picky about their hamburgers. Each week, the Food Critic will visit you with the chance to earn a tip-boosting Blue Ribbon.

You can use your tips to upgrade your restaurant and buy hats. The Furniture Shop also has posters and furniture that you can decorate your lobby. Each week you’ll earn a Pay Day, which can be used to upgrade your Burgeria.

There are 70 achievements you can earn for different tasks in the Burgeria. These include reaching certain ranks, earning Customer Awards, serving burgers with specific toppings and playing mini-games.


As you make sandwiches for your customers, you’ll receive Game Tickets. The Great Foodini will be at your customers’ tables with his Traveling Mini-Game Show. There you can use your Game Tickets for various food-themed Mini Games, and even win posters or furniture to place in your lobby.

* A hands-on burger shop game within the Papa Louie universe
* Remastered and updated for tablets
* Multitasking: Grilling, stacking and serving.
Unique orders available to over 60 customers
* You can purchase a variety of upgrades and hats with your earned tips
* Get shop decorations by playing wacky mini games

What’s new?

Improved support for 64-bit devices
Some devices had missing or scrambled graphics fixed

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