Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face APK 4.0.8840

One mobile phone, two social accounts, online at the same time. You can log in to different social accounts, one account for work, one account for life, information is not delayed, work and life are separated, and work and privacy do not affect each other’s life.

Jul 15, 2022
Size 8MB
Requires Android
Varies with device

Clone multiple accounts simultaneously and use themes to design your space.
Parallel Space is one of the most popular Android tools. It allows more than 90 million people to log in to multiple accounts on one device simultaneously and highlights their style. Parallel Space protects users privacy by hiding apps on devices that use the Incognito Installation feature. Users can also customize the themes of Parallel Space and their cloned app themes to create their own space. Parallel Space is compatible with all Android apps and supports 24 languages. Parallel Space is available immediately for managing multiple accounts, privacy protection, and customizing your space.

Login to multiple accounts on the same device
* Harmony between work and personal life.
* Enjoy a double online gaming experience, and more fun.
* Parallel Space supports almost all apps. Both accounts will have their data in parallel.

Intognito Installation To protect user privacy, make apps inaccessible on your device.
* Keep secret apps hidden from prying eyes.
* Secure user privacy with a security locking device

Make your space unique by using themes
Parallel Space integrates a theme store, which allows users to select from a variety of themes to create their own style.
* To create a unique space using a custom theme. With just one tap, the user can quickly switch between different themes.

Quickly switch between accounts using just one-tap
You can manage multiple accounts at once by running them simultaneously.

* Stable, powerful and easy to use
* Unique: Parallel Space is built on multigrid. This is the first Android application virtualization engine.

* Permissions: Parallel Space must apply for permissions from the apps that are added to Parallel Space in order to function normally. Parallel Space cannot acquire your location. You will not be able to share your location with your friends using some apps that are part of Parallel Space. Parallel Space doesn’t collect any personal information to keep you private.
* Consumptions: Parallel Space does not consume too much memory, battery or data by the apps that run inside. Details can be found under ‘Storage and ‘Task Manager’, which could also be found under ‘Settings in Parallel Space.
* Notifications: To ensure proper notification of certain social networking apps, please add Parallel Space to your allowlist.
* Conflict: Two accounts cannot be created on the same mobile number for some social networking apps. To create a second account in Parallel Space, you will need to use a different mobile phone number. Also, ensure that your mobile number is active during the first login.

Please contact our WhatsApp number +86 18201691197 if you have any urgent questions. Hotline service is currently not available.

What’s new?

1. Fully compatible with Android 12
2. Parallel Space has been optimized for its overall performance.
3. Some bugs were fixed.

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