Part Time UFO APK 1.2.6 + Mod

Players control the protagonist is a UFO, come to earth after doing nothing to his life to join the mighty temporaries, as an alien creature he has a seemingly useless special skills – scalable Big pliers, this special skills for his work but career has brought a lot of opportunities.

Jun 19, 2022
Size 49MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Awards:GameSpot “The Best Mobile Games of 2018”
IGN US “10 Best Mobile Games of 2018”,

* Part-time worker, full-time UFO!
Part-time UFO allows you to fly a UFO and do odd jobs.
You can help out on a farm, cheerleaders, make the best desserts at a restaurant, or build castles.
There will be many jobs available wherever the UFOs go.
This is all thanks to the UFO’s extraordinary claw!
The claw crane can be used to lift, move and stack objects in order to complete tasks.

You can change your look by wearing classy outfits.
Spend your hard-earned cash to purchase costumes that you can wear.
These can give the UFO a new look and abilities.
There are many options for costumes, whether you want to sport your stripes in the Tiger Suit or show off your style with Ninja Wear.

*Lots and lots of friends (and foes) )!
You will meet many people while on the job.
They can be a tight-lipped captain of a ship, a slow museum curator, or fishy professor. Even elephants, dogs and hamsters will cheer on the UFO while at work, let out a sigh if it fails, and display all sorts of reactions.
They may be disguised or hiding in wait…

*Tune in!
Part-Time UFO has tons of catchy beats.
They are scientifically proven to increase productivity.
*Not scientifically supported

*Share your masterpiece
Job? What job? Sometimes, a UFO has to stack to its unidentified flying heart’s content.
Take some photos and create fun, artistic shapes!
Share the results of your work with your friends.

* Google Play “Works”
You can try your hand at many different accomplishments!
Be the most part-timer of all!

[Caution] *No in-app purchase
This app does not include in-app purchases

*Available languages
These languages are available:
Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Spanish and German.

What’s new?

This works great on the new Android OS.

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