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Path of Titans Demo – this is a beautiful survival simulator game about the period when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Take control of one of these giants and go your way! At the beginning, you can choose one of 10 dinosaurs, each of which has its own characteristics for survival. The view is presented in the third person, explore a huge prehistoric territory in the form of a forest, complete exciting tasks to increase experience points. Meet other players on the playing field in multiplayer mode, fight with them or make friends. The game mechanics include setting up the main character, leveling up his abilities, hunting, and much more. You can also upgrade your home (cave).

Aug 24, 2022
Size 322MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up

Path of Titans is the survival MMO for dinosaurs! Monthly updates and new features are made.

DOZENS OF DINOSAURS CAN GROW FROM A HATCHLING. -From a hatchling, you can become an adult dinosaur. There are over 25 species of dinosaurs to choose from, including favorite favorites like Allosaurus and Spinosaurus. You must hunt and attack other players, defend yourself, and not get eaten to become the highest ranking Panjura player!

This huge environment is 8km x and can hold 200 players. To explore the world and complete quests together, you can join forces with other players. Crossplay is possible on all devices and operating systems capable of connecting to the same game servers. This allows you to play with your friends regardless of their gaming device.

You can unlock skins to change the color and markings of your dinosaur. You have two options: choose brighter colors that will make you stand out from the rest of your pack, or camouflage to blend in to your surroundings. To unlock combat abilities such as bone-breaking tail slam and bleeding claws or venom bite, complete quests! Create a character unique to you!

Find your cave, and decorate it using items you have gathered from questing. Invite your friends to come along and have fun!

What’s new?

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes


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