PC Creator PRO APK 2.2.2

PC Creator Pro is an upgraded version of a simulator game PC Creator. In this game you can try you as a PC builder, an owner of the mining farm and a computer shop like a Business Tycoon at the same time. During the game process you need to complete your service’s client’s commissions. You provide almost all services, which refer to computer: build a PC from the ground up, install software or game, change computer and lots of more. Unlike the free version, Pro has no ads.

Jan 24, 2022
Size 155MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

PC Creator Pro is an enhanced version of the simulator PC Creator. You can play as a PC builder or a mining farm owner, or as a Business Tycoon in a computer shop. During the game process, you need to complete yourservice’ssclient’ss commissions. You can provide nearly all services that are related to computers: you can build a computer from scratch, install software, game, and change the computer. Pro is free of ads, unlike the free version.
User-friendly interface
The interface was a culmination of many hours of hard work by our designers.
* comfortableelement’ss location
* Animations with elements that are exciting
* Icon of the controlled display all functions
* You have the option to choose between a dark or white play mode

All of the above designs were created to make it easy to control ballgames. Get it now, it’s the best design I have ever seen.

Build your own PC
PC Creator Pro offers you the unique opportunity of building a computer. This includes choosing the parts, installing the operating system, and testing different software and games. You now have the ability to build a PC using the built-in 3D model and operating system, as well as drivers, games, and software. You will also be able build a computer in AR mode.

Large selection of accessories
The Pro version has an infinite number of details, even if there are many computer parts in “PC Creato”. There are many more computer parts waiting for you. Imagine how easy it will be to overlook these components and then enjoy the game.

How to improve the service center
During the game, you need to complete your servicecenter’ssclients” commissions. You will get experience and money for completing tasks. You will be able to move step by step towards purchasing new equipment, an office, or upgrading your service center.

How to make your computer more efficient
The PC Creator Game is as real-life as it can be. This gives you the opportunity to fix bugs and make your PC more efficient. You’ll also learn how you can choose new, stronger and more compatible parts for your computer. Our game will also teach you how to repair your computer, remove viruses, and many other things.

You have the opportunity to install most popular operating systems
All the most popular operating systems can be installed in our game, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and macOS. All steps of installation were made to be realistic. Don’t lose your time, and get to know us as soon as possible.

Simulation of Programs
The built-in PC simulator allows you to access the following functions:
* Installation of operating systems
* Installation and simulation of games and software

It is possible to do it all in one app for your smartphone, but you may think otherwise. Our game will change your mind and prove that it is possible to do all this in one app.

Rating of players
Three criteria are used to determine the rating system for our game:
* Based on reputation
* Based on the number of tasks completed
* By winning the wheel of fortune
Get the game now and show off your skills.

You can ask for advice and share your thoughts with other players in the game’s public chat, which allows you to communicate with others. You can also participate in contests to win valuable prizes with PC Creator Pro.

What’s new?

1. Fixed a bug in tutorial.
2. Problem with incorrect attachment of parts to motherboard was fixed
3. During upgrading, incorrect position was made on the PC Case
4. The mining room was fixed hanging.
5. For bulk purchases, fixed counting money
6. Antivirus software has been fixed.
7. Correction of missing text in the Orders menu
8. Problem with the benchmark fixed

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