The pokemon unite game is a brand new moba competitive mobile game. The familiar Pokémon will be found in the pokemon unite. The game combines Pokémon and moba competitive gameplay for the first time. The team scores high in the pokemon unite. Only one side is considered a victory, which is fairer and more tests teamwork. The game also adds evolutionary methods, free choice of skills, so that your evolution is no longer single.

Apr 18, 2022
Size 602MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Pokemon UNITE
Pokemon’s first 5-on-5 strategic battle team game allows you to team up with your opponent and defeat them!

As Trainers around the world head to Aeos Island for Unite Battles, you can join them! Unite Battles is a team competition where Trainers compete in 5-on-5 battles to determine who can score more points in the given time. Your teammates and you must work together to defeat wild Pokemon, level up and evolve your Pokemon. You can win the game by putting your teamwork to the ultimate test!

The Key Features
* BATTLE IN TYPE: Go out on the field in Holowear and look your best! A unique technology that uses Aeos energy allows trainers to outfit their Pokemon with holographic outfits. New styles are added regularly.

* UNITE MOVES – Unleash the power of your Pokemon’s Pokémon with Unite Moves These all-new Pokemon moves are only available in Unite Battles. Use them to turn the tide in even the most dire situations.

* RANK UP – Want to show off your skills? Participate in ranked matches and you will earn points as your climb up the global leaderboard.

* COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY: Even the most experienced Trainers know how crucial communication is to their team’s success. Use quick chat messages, signals and voice chats to stay in touch with your team.

Cross-Platform Play: The Nintendo SwitchTM system allows you to challenge other trainers to unite battles. Trainers can use their Pokemon Trainer Club or Nintendo Account on Nintendo SwitchTM and mobile to keep their progress synchronized between devices.

What’s new?

Battle Pass 7–Pokebuki – now available! Players can get fashionable Holowear and Trainer fashion pieces with this new Battle Pass 7-–Pokebuki.
The UNITE Club membership, a new, value-packed subscription service, will be available on May 1, at 00:00 UTC. It comes with many benefits!
Modifications to certain aspects of the UI
Bug fixes

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