Puffin Browser Pro (Full) Apk + Mod For Android App 2022

Puffin Browser Pro will retire in 2022. Here is its retirement plan. The price count down is $1 per quarter starting on 2022-01-01. When the price drops to $0 on 2023-01-01, the app is retired. Here are the price count down dates.

April 20, 2022
Varies with device
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Puffin Browser Pro will be retiring in 2022. Here’s its retirement plan. The price countdown is 1 per quarter beginning on 2022-01-01. When the app’s price drops below $0, it will be retired. These are the dates for price reduction.
$5 on 2021-10-01
$4 on 2022-01-01 ($1 per quarter).
$3 on 2022-04-01 ($1 per quarter).
$2 on 2022-07-01 ($1 per quarter).
$1 off 2022-10-01 ($1 per quarter).
$0 on 2023-01-01

Puffin Browser Pro has been replaced by Puffin Web Browser. It is free to download, but you will need to pay $1/month for a subscription. To maintain the app’s quality, Puffin Browser Pro will continue to be updated throughout 2022.

Puffin Browser Pro Pro is the premium version. Puffin users will never want to return to any other browsers after switching to Puffin. Puffin provides protection against phishing, and other digital threats.

Amazingly Fast: Websites can load at amazing speeds thanks to our cloud servers that handle even the most resource-intensive web pages.

Cloud Security: All Internet traffic between the app and our servers is encrypted from end-to-end, making it safe to use non-secure WiFi.

Flash Support – We continually improve our servers and make it possible to view Flash content via the cloud.

Data Saving – Puffin uses a proprietary compression algorithm for web data transmission to your device. This can help you save up to 90% on your web browsing. Please note that streaming Flash content and videos require more bandwidth than normal web browsing.

* Unparalleled loading speeds
* Fastest JavaScript engine
* Includes Ad Blocker
* The whole web experience can be accessed via both mobile and desktop modes
* Cloud download capabilities (up to 1GB per file)
* Theater mode for Flash games and videos
* Virtual Trackpad & Gamepad
* Adobe Flash Support

* Puffin’s servers can be found in Singapore and the US. If you are located in another country, geolocation restrictions may apply to the content.
* Puffin can be blocked in some regions (e.g. China, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) as well as certain educational institutions (e.g. select schools within the United States).

What’s new

Thank you for using Puffin. We fixed several issues reported in this release (


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