ReFactory. Build and develop an automated factory! APK 1.11.10 + Mod

Do you want to build an amazing world that will work according to your laws? Then welcome to ReFactory, a sandbox strategy game where you have to build an automated factory on an alien planet.

May 13, 2022
Size 17MB
Version 1.11.10
Requires Android 4.4 and up

Are you looking to create an incredible world that follows your laws? Welcome to ReFactory! This sandbox strategy game challenges you to create an automated factory on an alien world.
The first mission is free to play! You can unlock the complete game by making a purchase.

The first mission is free and you can play it as many times as possible. You can also replay the puzzles after purchasing the full version. After you have purchased the full version, all four missions can be completed and you can activate the “custom games” mode. All future updates are free.

The spacecraft crashed after the navigation system was destroyed. Crew members are scattered across the unknown planet and much of their equipment is damaged. Your task is to be the artificial intelligence on the ship. Your mission is to build a city, restore equipment and find a team to return home.

LOOK AT RESOURCES. Copper, iron, timber, crystals, granite, oil… This is just the beginning of the journey. It is necessary to create equipment, conduct electricity, improve performance, and build new systems. Each step will help you develop the city, even though it all started with a few granite stones.

Explore New Lands. Expand your horizons! Gradually you’ll open up more territory. This is a great way to build new factories and expand your city.

BUILD AND AUTOMATE FIXTURES. Your 2D world can produce more complex items. You have many options with every resource, invention, or building. Copper ore can also be used to create wire, an electrically-conductive cable, and an assembler. Keep moving forward!

DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES. Moving beyond simple technologies to microelectronics and chemical reactions, as well as plastics and explosives. First, build a factory. Then create a network of factories. Technology means more possibilities and greater chances of finding a crew.

FIGHT ALIEN INVADERS OFFENSIVELY. You can fight them alone and improve your skills. The first step to defense is building solid walls. Your faithful assistants are the mines and powerful cannons.

CONSIDER YOUR ONLINE STRATGEY. ReFactory does more than just build production sites. The world is governed by your rules. Every mistake will cost you. Use of resources can stop development and obsolete technologies can prevent an attack from repelling. Keep your factory safe by thinking ahead.

To design your interactions, consider many factors: copper recycling, electricity conduction, plant acceleration, economic strategy, and the economy. You will quickly become familiar with new information and be able to navigate easily.

These are the main points:

– The game does not require any manual labor. Everything is automated and drones do the work.
Depending on which mode you choose, a digital assistant assists the player. However, if you are able to understand the gameplay, you can build a city yourself.
– Select the type of land you want, as well as the level of danger on the planet and the amount of resources. You don’t have to repel attacks. Remove monsters from the settings. Also, solve engineering problems.
– Create infrastructure without the use of conveyors or tight spaces.
– Here, however, you don’t need to “rive” the rendered character across your screen. You are simply watching it from above.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are in strategy, start at the easiest level and work your way up to the difficult. You can build a city on the subway, at lunchtime, or on your way to work. You only need a smartphone to learn strategic skills, multitasking, and have fun.

We’ll wait for your feedback and then release updates.

Your ReFactory Team.


Major changes and additions
– Irrigation for Crystal or Forest Plantation: New Research
– New Puzzle
Cannons can be turned off by pressing the “N/OFF” button to conserve energy
– Press the “hange direction” button to produce buildings. You can twist it any way you want
– Cargo stations limits
– Mission 1 Improvements: More resources
– New overlays available for Sprinklers and Drainers

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