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Resident Evil 5 – The game is great for those who love different stories about zombies, as well as all the famous series of games Resident Evil. It does not matter if you are an ardent admirer of this series or for the first time you hear about it, you will have a great time playing in Resident Evil 5. Umbrella company and its stocks of deadly viruses have been destroyed. And a few years after the recent events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield, the main character, is struggling with a new dangerous threat. Our hero is sent to Africa to explore a new aggressive reagent. But something terrible happens …

Jul 26, 2019
Size 9MB
Requires Android
8.0 and up

NOTE The version of the game is only for NVIDIA SHIELD Android television. The progress bar may show “Downloading…0%” during the process of downloading large files (approx. 4GB ). You can rest assured that the download progresses and that the text will be deleted once the initial download has been completed. This is being addressed.

Resident Evil 5 is a TV show and movie about zombies that you should check out on NVIDIA SHIELD Android television! Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise is the definitive example of zombie-themed games for consoles. Resident Evil 5 is the best installment in the series. You’ll have an amazing time saving the world with your NVIDIA SHIELD, no matter how familiar you are with the story.

A new terror emerges from the remains of former conflicts. The Umbrella Corporation, along with its lethal virus crop, has been destroyed and contained. However, a new and more dangerous threat has emerged. Chris Redfield, who survived the events at Raccoon City in 1989, has been fighting against the spread of bio-organic arms for years. Chris Redfield is now a member the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance. He is sent to Africa by the BSAA to investigate a biological agent that transforms the population into dangerous and aggressive creatures. Sheva Alomar (a local BSAA agent) joins Chris to investigate the shocking turn of events. Resident Evil 5 features a new co-op mode that allows players to experience fear together as terror moves from the shadows into the light.

Immersive Single-Player Campaign – Chris Redfield, protagonist of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, is back and is joined by Sheva Alomar (an African BSAA agent) who is tasked to investigate the epidemic.

Next Generation of Fear – Features innovative graphics that use an advanced version of Capcom’s proprietary game engine, MT Framework. This engine was responsible for the success of Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet, and Dead Rising.

“Quick-Select Inventory System” – This improved inventory system allows items and characters to trade. All inventory management can be done in real time. Items can even be assigned directly to the directional pad to increase the intensity.

New Control Schemes: Features modernized third-person action games control options and the return to the Resident Evil 4 control scheme.

New Enemies bring new challenges – Enemies have increased intelligence and speed, making them just as dangerous as in groups.

New and powerful weapons – There are many weapon options available, which makes it easier to defeat enemies.

Fear Shadow as much as Fear Light – The lighting effects add a new dimension to the suspense of players trying to survive in extreme sunlight or harsh darkness.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV has full support Google Play Achievements, cloud save and sync across SHIELD devices. The game runs at HD resolution of 720p on all supported displays.

NOTE: Multiplayer and Co-op modes are not supported at the moment.

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