Rocket League Sideswipe APK v1.0 b379407

Rocket League Sideswipe – this is an extreme sports game where you have to play soccer on powerful cars. In general, the rules of the game here are almost identical to the usual version, you also need to try to score the ball in the opponent’s goal, using different tactical maneuvers and all the features of your car!

Jul 12, 2022
Size 927MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

Rocket League Sideswipe is a soccer-themed car game! Mobile soccer is now car soccer! Multiplayer car game action with Rocket League creators. You can play with your friends and other players around the world to score goals in fast-paced, 2-minute car soccer matches.
To score goals and win matches, drive the soccer ball into the opponent’s net. Race cars allow you to fly high and perform tricks, including a flip reset. You can race to the top of the car soccer leaderboards and take part in worldwide Ranked Matches. Do you want to have fun and relax? Play casual multiplayer online games and do your most crazy maneuvers, without worrying about your rank.

Rocket League Sideswipe is a multiplayer car game that combines action-packed soccer with boosted race cars. You can play car soccer online free of charge and learn the intuitive touch controls that are perfect for mobile car battle gameplay. You can customize your car to suit your taste and unlock new car accessories. Season 4 promises adventure! Mutator Madness will take you into a fantasy realm and teach you how to master the sport using random game combinations.

You can race to the goalpost and score! Rocket League Sideswipe allows you to play online sports from any location. Get together with your friends to become a car soccer champion. Have fun and good luck!

Sideswipe Features for

Fast-Paced Car Soccer
– Enjoy thrilling multiplayer games: Play 1v1 or 2-v2 car soccer matches
Free 2-minute multiplayer games: Drive fast and take part in thrilling, two-minute races
Play online anywhere, no need to have any driving or soccer skills
You can play at any level, whether you are a novice in car soccer or a Rocket League veteran.

Redesigned to Mobile Sports Games
Rocket League Sideswipe – Action in sports cars: Only three buttons are required for control. This makes it easy to learn and allows for freestyle stunts
– Car fight: Use aerial lift to chase the soccer ball down and get on the offensive
Quick Chat Stickers allow you to communicate and play together on the soccer pitch
You can master multiple sports by adding Hoops to your Ranked Mode!

Offline and Online Matches
Are you new to playing sports games? Start with our tutorial and try car soccer.
Play online car soccer with other players from around the globe.
Casual Mode Online Games let you have more fun and not affect your ranks
Play offline multiplayer games and sharpen your skills against bots
Private Matches – Challenge your friends to show off your best tricks.

Seasons and Rocket Pass
Participate in online multiplayer games and earn Rocket Pass items
Race through Eggscalibur to discover the Season 4’s custom cars.
Play matches with random in-game modifications.
Drive for victory and reach the Competitive Ranks each Season
– A ball game with special rewards. Earn Player Titles and other rewards based on your rank

Car Customization
You can drive in style and make an impact with custom cars.
You can customize your car with items you unlock while you play
You can customize your sports car with thousands of options
Play soccer with a twist! Unlock custom cars, wheels, decals, and more!

Rocket League Sideswipe is now available. Meet your fated opponents on the pitch in this exciting new-level sport game.

What’s new?

How to Fix Bugs

Jump/Dodge Bug
Fixed an issue in which Jump and Dodge were not correctly executed for players

Eggscalibur Arena
Fixed visual glitch caused by the Sword Statue sometimes obscuring the view of the Arena.

Mutator Madness
Problem in Mutator Madness that caused the Puck/Ball clipping outside the map.

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