Sand Balls MOD APK 2.3.19 (Unlimited Coins)

⚈ Long and varied routes. They look like a real puzzle. What road will you choose? Try to avoid getting lost! ⚈ A special white bubble. It turns into…’ll …

Jun 2, 2022
Size 152 MB
Version 2.3.19
Requires Android 4.4

Catch the ball!
Turn left and move a little further to the right. It’s your turn!

Pay attention and be careful! This is not a simple game of volleyball or football. You’re still playing a game but you have a sandball! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It’s made from sand and is not yellow as you would expect. What color can a sandball be? You can choose from orange, green, purple, blue and many other bright colors throughout the rainbow. Your imagination will take flight!

Why are you trying to collect sand balls?

The first reason is true “just for entertainment”, and it’s totally true. Why not? This game is perfect for anyone who needs to unwind after a hectic work day. This game offers hundreds of levels for hours of entertainment.

Strategy is the second reason. You must solve a difficult puzzle to win the app. Place colorful balls in a truck and then transfer them to an island.

What’s all the fuss?

We now come to the third. The plot is well-organized. You will find challenging missions and inspirational goals while playing the game.

In summarising, the ball collection is a great way to unwind after a long day. It also helps improve your logic thinking. Click the button to download!

A bubble that offers additional interest can be found through

Golden keys. They can open different boxes containing money or surprises.

There are many obstacles and sticks in the way. This is not an easy task!
This secret weapon can destroy all balls. (You can restart the level.
There are many routes. They seem like a puzzle. Which road will you choose to take? Avoid getting lost!
A white bubble. It transforms into ….. you’ll discover on your own.

You must discover the WOW effects and hurry up! You are about to get your first truck! Do not miss the chance to create an island!

P.S. P.S.

What’s new?

New Island – Enter the world of entertainment!
Introducing the Travel Event with new levels!
Daily Rewards and new game mechanics available for your enjoyment!
– Improved performance in game tech
– Updated puzzle interface

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