Ski Safari APK 1.5.4

Super cool and funny game It’s a really great videogame, simple and funny.Suddenly the avalanche disturbed the dream of a small brother, he wanted to catch the snow buried before the escape from the dilemma! Stepped on the snowboard, the rage of racing this kicked off. escape

Mar 8, 2016
Size 50MB
Version 1.5.4
Requires Android
Varies with device

Ski Safari is open to you!
Ski Safari brings together Animals, Avalanc. He’s, and Action to create a casual gaming experience.

The local mountainside is threatened by an avalanche, which our deep-sleeping hero must avoid. As we call him, Sven can use animals to help him escape an icy end. Each hillside animal has unique attributes to make it easier to escape. Penguins glide. Yetis are more difficult, while Eagles can soar to great heights. Each of these attributes can be a practical advantage for Sven. Sven may be able to find snowmobiles that can transport multiple animals at once on the slopes.

There are many benefits to staying ahead of the avalanche. Sven can be ‘levelled up’ by completing objectives, which will increase his score multiplier. Sven can quickly climb the highscore ladder by riding animals or performing backflips.

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