Star Traders: Frontiers APK v3.2.49

Star Traders: Frontiers — a great project that is a mix of strategy and RPG. Gamers are offered a setting of the distant future and the position of captain of a starship, which travels a motley team of characters United by one goal – to get rich. The players will decide who they and the crew will become. Bandits, pirates, mercenaries, law-abiding traders, explorers, looters, and so on. The list of roles and features provides a unique passage, depending on the preferences of the players. Here everyone will find something interesting for themselves and will be able to spend a fascinating time wandering through the space expanses.

Jun 27, 2022
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Your captain is a starship that travels through an open universe. As you travel through a galaxy ravaged by political intrigue, alien threats, internal strife and political intrigue, customize your crew to take control of your ship.
Star Traders: Frontiers – an epic space RPG by Trese Brothers Games – lets you command your ship and crew to be a space pirate merchant, bounty hunter and more. Explore a vast open universe rich in adventure and Star Traders lore. You can choose your path by creating and commanding your own crew and spaceship. This galaxy is constantly changing and plagued by political intrigue and internal strife. You can fly as a pirate to terrorize shipping lanes or join the solar wars as an army captain. Or, you can track down targets across the stars and become a terrifying bounty hunter.

– Explore a rich, open universe: Discover endless procedurally-generated galactic maps, meet unique characters, and take on enemies to conquer the galaxy!
Become an intergalactic Captain: Play the role of spy, smuggler or explorer, merchant, bounty hunter and many more (26 total jobs)
You can customize your spaceship by choosing from over 350 upgrades and 45 ship-hull options to make your spaceship capable of exploring the vast expanses of space.
– Assemble, tailor and train loyal crew members: Assign talents and provide specialized gear for each spaceship crew member.
– Live a changing narrative. Make friends or enemies with other factions to influence your political, economic and personal vendettas.
Your choices will mold your crew. As you make decisions, your crew will change and grow. Your crew will be more bloodthirsty if you destroy enemy ships with all hands. Your crew will be able to explore distant worlds and find dangerous wastelands.
Variety of difficulty options! You can play with the save slots to test out new builds and storylines, or you can turn on character permadeath for a classic roguelike experience.
– Achievement Unlocks: Complete story and challenge goals to unlock optional content such as new starting ships or new starting contacts.

The Exodus was the first. This is when survivors of a great battle left behind the Galactic Core in search of new homes in the stars. On the fringes of the galaxy, scattered worlds were discovered. Each group of survivors managed to save a small number of worlds and rebuild their lives under the great law Shaun. Technology has brought them together three centuries later. The discovery of the hyperwarp bridged the once insurmountable distance between distant colonies, long-lost family members, and political factions.

This reunification has brought great economic prosperity. Hyper warp allowed for the return of freight, goods and technology between the quadrants. However, it also created great strife. Political rivalries are being rekindled, old feuds have been waged, and war has been ignited. In the midst of political infighting, there is a ruthless revolution – and the true explorers at the hyper warp are awakening something better than what was asleep.

Star Traders RPG was our first game. It took thousands of gamers on an interstellar journey. Trese Brothers was born from Star Traders’ popularity and overwhelmingly positive response. Our community’s star-crossed captains set us on a path to share more of their worlds, ideas and dreams.

Our goal was to capture the loneliness and bravery of spaceships sailing across the stars. We are proud to announce the release of four more Star Traders games.

Take to the skies from the bridge of your starship and tell your story in Star Traders: Frontiers.

What’s new?

v3.2.49 –
– Shizari Huntress, a new starting carrier ship (unlock “Hunt the Hunter”) was added to the (A) priority
– Light service carrier carries long-range weaponry, dual hangars, and auto-cannons
– A new Contact type was added, “Spice Hall Presser,” which recruits pilots and offers Black Market access and spice discounts.
– Contact hovers on system orbit screen list all Contacts sorted by type and name

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