Stealth Master APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.11.3

Stealth Master is an action game from Saygames. In the game, you transform into a face-masked guy trying to sneak into key courts equipped with tight security systems. Are you a superhero or an intruder? I just call you Ninja.

Jul 14, 2022
Size 121MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Are you looking for a way of spending five minutes? Stealth Master is quiet and stealthy. It’s a silent but deadly, mobile game that celebrates all things sneaky and underhand.

Show off your ninja skills by sneaking through shadows, taking down bad guys close to you, or doing your job from far away with a sniper rifle. This action game boasts loads of great mechanics, tons of your favorite characters, and an incredible sense of humor.


One final job: Take contracts to eliminate executives, gangsters and other ne’er-do wells in increasingly difficult assassination missions. These missions require speed, skill, and stealth to reach the boss and take him out.

There are tons of guns. You can try out many different weapons, from the cold steel kunai or katana to any type of gun, even high-powered sniper rifles. You can find your preferred form of lethal force, hone your skills or pick the right tool for each job to become a weapons master.

Stealth Master allows you to adapt to your environment. This includes using flashlights and lasers to dodge obstacles, hiding passages, shooting up explosives to eliminate multiple enemies, and pretending to be a plant.

You can steal the unstealable. Once you have mastered assassination, you can try your hand at hi-tech robbery. You don’t need to attack anyone. Instead, you can stay hidden and slip past sophisticated security equipment and guards to grab your loot. You can combine traditional stealth moves with various fun brainteasers to create new robbery missions.

You don’t have to be physically present when you work remotely. You can now do your evil deeds remotely with difficult sniper levels. You need to train your eyes on the target and plan your strategy. Keep your head down and ensure you have an escape route.

A great cast – Complete missions and earn cash to unlock dozens excellent pop culture-inspired characters you can level up to become the ultimate assassins. You can choose from action stars, supervillains and supervillains to find your favorite Ninja.


Stealth Master now has a lot more features, game modes, missions, weapons and a new character. It’s even more exciting and fun than ever. Do you want stealthy, secretive action?

What’s new?

Shop: New Hero Offer
– Bug fixes and other improvements

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