Survivalcraft 2 APK + Mod

“Survivalcraft 2” changes in the design of the picture is more diverse, especially the underwater world to join the game scene has become even more mysterious. Let our game is not limited to land, you can also explore the mysterious ocean, more mysterious items and creatures hide them.

Feb 17, 2022
Size 19MB
Requires Android

What’s new with the 2.3 updates?
– Compressed Terrain File Format, Up to 100x reduction in world file size
– Additional cairns that drop diamonds and experience when mined
– Motion detector detects moving blocks, pickles, projectiles
– Survival mode has been made easier, and is now the default
– Added Pigeons
– Added sparrows
– Optimizations to reduce stuttering caused by GC pressure
-3D-extruded blocks are used when flat items need to be held in the hands
-Crouching allows players crawl into 1-block high spaces
– The button and switch blocks can be edited (adjust the voltage).
– Use proper font kerning to create nicer text
– More gunpowder, bombs, and bullets are being crafted

… and many other changes: complete list on our website

You find yourself stranded on the coasts of an endless blocky world. You can explore, mine resources, create tools and weapons, trap animals, and grow plants. You can make clothes and hunt real-world animals to get food and resources. You can build a shelter for cold nights, and then share your worlds online. To protect your animals from predators, you can ride horses, donkeys, or camels. Explosives can be used to blast through rock. Complex electric devices can be built. Make custom furniture. Paint. To build moving machines, use pistons. Plant trees and grow crops. Combine 40 clothing items to make yourself and your family more secure from weather and attacks. Split-screen allows you to play with up 3 friends. There are endless possibilities in this classic sandbox survival/construction game series.


What’s new?

Fixed broken uploading/downloading of 2.3 worlds
Crouching death in low spaces fixed
Improvements in general crouching behavior
Low spawning rate for Sparrows
New world names that are more diverse and unique
The wooden ladder was improved and fixed any errors
Fixed depth clipping if you are crouching close to a wall
When used in furniture making, Hammer is a suitable material sound.
There is a lower chance of creating many of the same species of creatures.
Explosions result in a reduction of pickles
Fixed cairn collision box

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