The Bards Tale APK v1.6.8

The Bards Tale is a terrific full-scale 3D role-playing game for Android! Surely one of the best RPG! You are in the role of Bard, a selfish rogue who is already tired of senseless sub-quests and cellars infested with rats. So through this magical song this crook, i.e. You, call to join your battle various characters, as well as these characters are able to heal not only your ranks, but yourself. Do not hide your weapons and keep them always at the ready, as you once again set off on a dangerous journey in search of treasure, money and fame.

Apr 17, 2015
Size 28MB
Requires Android
2.3 and up

“The Bard’s Tale has been the most funnest game I’ve ever played.” – IGN Google Play Editor’s Pick
The Best 2012 Games

They said it couldn’t be done… an epic, massive, 3D role-playing game for Android! It’s the biggest Android game ever created!

NOTE: Additional assets that are downloaded after installation will require at least 1.7GB free space.

RECOMMENDED DEVICE SPIFICATION: 1GHz or greater CPU; Adreno205, Tegra 2, Tegra 2, SGX540 or Mali 400 or more GPU.

“The Bard’s Tale” is by far the most funny game I’ve ever seen, and I’ve tried all the silly games.” – IGN.

The Bard is a self-centered rogue who weary of useless sub-quests, rat-infested basements, and other pointless tasks. You can summon characters through magical song to help you fight, heal your party, or take your place in the battle. As you set out on a quest to find coins and cleavage, be ready for your weapon!

“Get ready to take on the insanely addictive quest and the most hilarious adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale.” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale on your Android compatible device*. Enjoy over 20-30 hours worth of adventure with:

* 50 enemies types (not counting bosses!)
* Explore a vast world with cities, wild forests and rivers, castles towers, secret lairs, caverns, haunted graves, caverns, and snowy mountains.
* An entire cast of NPCs with bizarre personalities
* More than a dozen boss enemies that you can defeat
* 16 magical characters that you can discover and summon to your aid
* More than 150 items of weaponry and armour, as well as tokens, artefacts, and loot, are available!
* There are more Song & Dance numbers than any other video game, even a zombie dance-off!
* More than 14 hours of exceptional voice acting from top Hollywood talent. This includes Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride), as the Bard, and Tony Jay as Narrator.

But, wait! But that’s not all! These are just a few of the great additions to the Android version.

New Features
* Save automatically when you get near a save-book.
* Time-Savers–optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! These items can be obtained through normal game play, persistence and time, as well as the original console release.
* Also includes the classic trilogy The Bard’s Tale!
+ The Bard’s Tale 1 : Tales of the Unknown
+ The Bard’s Tale 2 – The Destiny Knight
+ The Bard’s Tale #3: The Thief of Fate

Cheat Code Central: “This is satire at its sharpest form.”

You can play The Bard’s Tale right now!

We are listening to you and will continue to improve The Bard’s Tale Android. Send us your questions/comments via The Bard’s Tale Support link. You can also join the discussion on Facebook and receive the most recent news from “The Bard’s Tale”.

It is huge!
Please be aware that asset installation requires at minimum 1.7GB free space on your device. Thank you for your patience during the download process.

Square One Games has developed an Android version.

* Compatible with Android 2.3 or higher. XPeria play optimized.

Native Gamepad Support
o Wii Classic Controller, native or with the WiimoteController app
Logitech F310/510/710 and Xbox 360 in X mode.
a PS3 SixAxis or Dualshock (native, or with SixAxis Controller app). Use default key mappings when using the Sixaxis Controller App. Make sure to set the “Enable Gamepad” option to “ON”.
o MOGA Controller (with ObsidianX or MOGA app)
o MOGA PRO (HID, Pivot App).
o GameStop Red Samurai
o Green Throttle (requires GT Arena App)
o NVIDIA Project Shield

To play the Bard’s Tale original trilogy, SixAxis and WiiController must be disabled.

Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russia, Korean, Polish

What’s new?

1.6.7 – Fixes audio issues with Xperia devices using Android L and other platforms

1.6.6 – Bugbear Cairn random audio crash fixed. Fix leaderboards/achievements.

1.6.5 – Google Drive cloud save support (last game saved). Sign-in to Google Play Games Services

1.6.4 – Support for Sony DualShock 4(PlayStation 4), gamepad.

1.6.3 – Fixes problems with some devices not saving the game state (reinstall may need to be done). KitKat immersive mode is better implemented.

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