The Room APK

The Room APK is the first game from the eponymous series of physical quest puzzles in which we have to open different boxes and safes that are perfectly protected by various mechanisms. Actually, we will have to hack these mechanisms, but for this we will have to really think with our brains. Each level is a room in the middle of which there is a table, and on this table is a box tightly sealed, our task is to rotate it in different directions, look for clues and additional items to open one lock after another.

DEVELOPER Fireproof Games
April 26, 2021
Varies with device
Version 1.08
Requires Android
Varies with device

The Room is a physical puzzler that’s wrapped up in a mystery game within a 3D world.

Game Informer: “Excellently produced, cleverly puzzled and spine-tingling music.”

The New York Times: “More fun that Christmas morning”

“A mysterious puzzler that never fails to intrigue” – The Verge

“The most realistically rendered objects in any mobile title to date.” IGN

“The Room” is a cave of mystery from every child’s childhood. It is a perfect encapsulation for the fear and joy of discovery. – Eurogamer.


What’s up, dear friend? It worked, if you’re still reading it. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Although we have never met face to face in my research, you should forget such things. Yours is the only person I can trust. We are all in great danger and it would be helpful if you could come immediately. Do you still remember the house? My study is the most important room.

Keep moving forward with all your heart. There is no turning back.


Fireproof Games is proud to present our most amazing creation. It’s a mind-bending adventure filled with beauty and peril as well as mystery. You will be transported to a space with captivating visuals and intriguing problems to solve.

* The most realistic and natural looking graphics ever seen on a mobile phone.
* One finger touch control: This is a spine-tingling, natural way to use one finger to navigate this 3D world.
* The Room’s pick-up and play design is amazing. You’ll be engulfed in its secrets before you know it.
* Compelling layers and mystery: Think you know what’s in front of you? You might be wrong.

What’s new

Updates for phones with widescreen resolutions and newer models



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