The Witcher: Monster Slayer APK + MOD (God Mode, High Damage) v1.2.161

Jump into this action RPG experience and take on the role of a Witcher – a superhuman monster slayer for hire with extraordinary sword skills and magical powers. Start your journey as a beginner and challenge yourself to become the best Witcher of all time. Take on contracts to slay dangerous beasts for a pouch of coins and discover an action-packed adventure in the Witcher Universe to become a legend like Geralt of Rivia.

May 31, 2022
Size 2GB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

This action RPG adventure will allow you to take on the role as a Witcher, a monster-slaying hire who has extraordinary sword skills and magical abilities. You can start your journey as a beginner, and work hard to become the greatest Witcher ever. To become Geralt of Rivia, take on contracts to kill dangerous beasts and find an exciting adventure in the Witcher Universe.
Follow the Witcher Path to become a legend

You can earn experience and trophies fighting many beasts. Follow the Witcher Path to unlock new abilities and monsters, as well as attractive rewards. As you gain more experience, it becomes more difficult. To become the best Witcher, take on new challenges.

Amazing features

You can unlock more content and reach the highest Witcher Ranks when you kill every monster.
You can complete daily tasks, and you will be able to enjoy weekly challenges and special events along with engaging story quests.

Classic RPG accessories make you feel like a true hero

You can upgrade your character to feel like you are playing a role-playing video game. You can use alchemy to make potions and oils that will power your character’s swords or bombs that will help you defeat evil. You can choose the best combination to defeat your monstrous foes.

More than 150 monsters to find and kill

You can hunt down monsters of all ten classes. They can vary depending on where they are located, the weather, and what time it is. To be ready for battle, learn how to defeat them and where their weak points are. To get cool rewards, fill up your bestiary. To increase your trophy collection, new creatures are added regularly.

Every week, new challenges

Every week, you will embark on a dangerous adventure filled with fearsome monsters and timed tasks set by Master Witcher. If you’re up to the challenge, take on monsters of a specific class or create new ones.

Join your friends group of witchers.

You can help your friend fill their list with action-seeking witches and get more rewards. Send special packs containing various of ingredients and consumables.

AR is a great way to play

You can use the AR mode to bring the monsters into reality. You will feel like a witch and bring the experience to life!
We are working on more features.
Keep up to date with all the latest information regarding “The Witcher: Monster Slayer”, as we continue adding new content to the game. We are looking for feedback from you!

What’s new?

Here’s the latest in The Witcher Monster Slayer, Hi Witchers!

-New progression system for the rescue!
-To unlock new skills and alchemy recipes, you can also earn new Witcher ranks.
-To help you train your Witcher, check out the New Statistics tab.
– A new alchemy system that is more effective and lasts longer.
– Challenges with new monsters and tasks that are timed

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