Thimbleweed Park APK 1.0.7b

The story takes place in a remote town, once a bustling place, a luxury hotel with a high-rise building, a bustling business district and the nation’s largest pillow factory, but now it’s just a town that is desperately shrouded.

Oct 8, 2019
Size 20MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Thimbleweed Park is your home. Population: 80 nutcases.
You’ve never seen a haunted hotel or abandoned circus before.

Five people, with nothing in common, have found themselves drawn to this abandoned town. Although they don’t yet know it, they all feel deeply connected. They are being monitored.

Who is Agent Ray working for? Will she get what she wants?
What does Junior Agent Reyes know that isn’t true about a 20-year old factory fire?
Will Franklin the ghost speak to his daughter again?
…Will Ransome the Beeping Clown ever be a decent human being again?
Will Delores, an aspiring game developer, give up on her dreams and stay with her family?
Most importantly, who cares about a dead body?

All of your questions will be answered by the end of a strange, long night at Thimbleweed Park.

A dead body is not a problem in a place like Thimbleweed park.

The Key Features
+ Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and Monkey Island creators.
+ A neonoir mystery that was set in 1987.
+ 5 characters that can be played together or on their nerves.
+ This is not a walking simulator.
+ A series of puzzles that are satisfying and intertwined with a story that is twisty-turny that will stick with you.
+ Explore a vast and bizarre world at your own pace.
+ A joke every two minutes… guaranteed! *
+ 2 difficulty levels with a built in hint system.
+ English voices with subtitles available in English, German French Italian Russian and Spanish
*Not a guarantee.

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