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With Toca Kitchen Sushi, you’re the chef of a busy seaside restaurant. Customers come in, and you decide what they’re going to eat. Feel like slicing up squid, asparagus, and candy canes, and rolling it all up into a cone of seaweed? Go right ahead. Want to make stars and hearts of watermelon and mix them with fish and hot peppers? Make the roundest rice ball? You’ve got great tools for that right at your fingertips. With a fantastic array of ingredients, condiments, tools, serving dishes and some hidden surprises, you’re set for some serious play.

Jun 17, 2022
Size 80MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Toca Kitchen Sushi is a bustling seaside restaurant chef. You decide what customers eat. Do you feel like cutting up asparagus, squid and candy canes, then rolling it all into a cone made of seaweed? Go right ahead. You can make stars and hearts out of watermelon, and then mix them with fish or hot peppers. Create the largest rice ball. There are many great tools to help you achieve this. With a wide range of condiments, tools and serving dishes available, you’re ready to have some serious fun.
After you have created something new for your customers, it could even be gross! Now you can sit back and watch how they react. This might be the most surprising thing!


– Meet your customers and then go to the fridge to check out all the fresh ingredients. You can choose from rice, tuna and avocado, as well as salmon, squid or salmon, pepper, salamis, radish, candy apples, and many other fresh ingredients. You can also choose from ginger, potato, tofu and shrimp. You can also choose to go vegan if you prefer to stick with vegetables.

The shape machine is 1000 times more efficient than a regular rice cooker. You can shape any ingredient using the control panel into any shape you like, such as an oval, square or flower.

– The rolling table is where it all comes together. You can use a sheet of lettuce, seaweed, or tofu to roll your ingredients into sushi, giant burritos, and other funky concoctions.

– Do you like your food to be a little more tender? Turn up the heat on your frying pan to see what happens.

– Use the cutting board to cut your ingredients and sushi rolls. Your knife is a master of its craft, and can cut through any size item, including a large fish or hard salami.

After you have prepared your meal, the perfect plate is essential. You can be creative and arrange your food in beautiful patterns or create a messy pile. You might get a lot of attention from your customers if you do something different!

Your customers will finally be able to see your culinary creation at the dining counter. Grab their chopsticks, and get in on it. Are their faces going to light up with joy or horror?

What will you serve now?

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