Torque Burnout APK 3.2.6 + Mod

Torque Burnout is a racing game where the main drift game is played. The players need to use skilled drifting skills to get around obstacles in a wide arena. And successfully reached the end, rather than the same as in the past, the pursuit of speed racing to Hurricane, the gameplay can be described as quite a test of player skills. Without further ado, enter the game to start the game!

Mar 1, 2022
Size 180MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

Torque Burnout, a “driving” game that mixes parts from every race game, is Torque Burnout!
You can grip the steering wheel and donuts, or drift like a champion. You can develop your car and push it to the limits. The crowd will go crazy for you, so push it even more!

Realistic Burnout Simulation complete with beautiful smoke, bursting tires and flaming engines
– Many cars with different handling and customization.
Thundering engine sounds that will send chills down the spine

Coming Soon:
– More cars.
– More challenges

Playing is advised on high-end devices of 2012 or newer models.
Playing requires a network connection, but it is not necessary.
Torque Burnout can be played for free. In-app purchases can purchase game credits for real money.

Access to the following permissions is required for the game:
To use the screenshot function, you will need access to the device’s Photos/Media/Files.
To authenticate the app’s social media features, you must have access to your phone.

What’s new?

Myers Vinyl Wraps has a new silver throwback wrap for TUFFET!

We also updated S1CKO in preparation for the 2022 season!

We also want to congratulate the SKDUTE Master’s 2nd Place Champion! Take it out for a spin now, NOW!

TUFFST: New wrap!
– S1CKO Update
SKDUTE – A new real-world driver car!
– Fix the Facebook login issue
– Performance improvements in a variety of areas.

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