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The story of the game begins with the moment you accidentally get into an accident on a deaf road, your car is spoiled and there’s nothing left to do, like walking along the road in search of shelter, where you can rest and recover from the accident . Along the way, you find an old and at first sight ominous mansion, where you naturally decide to stay. But immediately, as you get to the ostobnjaka, in the circle of you there are strange and even terrible things! Do you have enough courage to go further? Learn what really happens and how do you get home?!

Oct 13, 2020
Size 17MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

You find refuge in an old, sinister mansion after your car crashes in the forest. Strange events begin to happen around you as you look around. Are you brave enough to reveal the dark past of the house? Investigate, gather information and uncover the secrets of the house’s dark past slowly.
“White Night. “White Night” is black-and-white, Hitchcock-esque and very cool. Kotaku
“White Night will scare your style!” – Hardcore Gamer
“White Night is Beautifully Unnerving” Rock, Paper, Shotgun

HORROR ON MOBILES: The highly acclaimed survival horror is back in mobile form with a revamped interface, adjusted saving system and revised controls.

IMMERSE YOUSELF IN THE NOIR- Explore a black and white art style that is inspired by the great films noir.

UNVEIL THE PASSING – Explore a dilapidated house near you and communicate with the surrounding community to find answers and help.

SOLVE PUZZLES & SHADOWS: Collect matches to light up your path and solve puzzles that are based on light.


CLASSIC SURVIVAL HORROR – White Night is a survival horror that has its own identity and pays homage to classic horror films.

The game is filled with melancholy and psychological horror. As the player uncovers the past dark events that have shaped the manor, the story will unfold. Explore the mysteries of White Night!

What’s new?

Compatibility with 64-bit architectures
* Increase stability

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