Witcheye APK 1.0.7 + Mod

Witcheye apk is a very unique adventure game where players can constantly challenge higher game difficulty and complete a great adventure. You need to have a more precise grasp of the game in a simple game environment. Among them, to complete more challenges, the players will play into a very gentle witch, in which a series of strange things happen.

Jul 13, 2020
Size 108MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Witcheye is an old-school platform adventure that’s big and colourful. It features a touchscreen control system that allows for unparalleled control of the hero. Swipe to move, touch to stop, bounce off enemies and avoid dangers in six colorful worlds. Begin your adventure as a mild-mannered witch, who becomes a flying eyeball for vengeance when a wizard and knight steal her spell ingredients. You will guide her through 50+ levels that each contain something new: puzzling secrets, tricky enemies, and mysterious environments. These elements are brought alive with vibrant, clear pixel art and an original, lively soundtrack.
Peter Malamud Smith, a designer, was co-creator of The Great Gatsby For NES. He also created the popular mobile action puzzlers Satellina Zero and Satellina Zero.

Unique and intuitive controls that allow you to reimagine a classic gameplay style.

50+ levels packed with unique elements.

– Crisp pixel art visuals

Original soundtrack with 30+ tracks

Unlockable bonus modes, challenges, and even a hard mode with completely remade enemies and levels

– Powerful speedrun features including player ghosts, timers with built in splits, and timers that include built-in splits


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