Wizard Legend: Fighting Master APK + MOD (Free Shopping) v2.5.2

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelike action game. There are more than 50 magic skills in the game and 5 magic elements. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with various effects will make the battle unlimited.

Jul 22, 2022
Size 96MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

AboutWizard Legend – Fighting Master is an action Roguelike game. The game features more than 50 magic abilities and five magic elements. Different combinations of magic skills can create different battle styles. The battle will be endless due to the large number of artifacts that have different effects.

All kinds of desserts are the favorite food of the little wizard. He discovered that high-sugar desserts can help to recover magic from being consumed. The little wizard doesn’t worry about getting fat.
The so-called Dessert Company appeared suddenly, and they began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments. This turned all desserts into offensive monsters.
The little wizard became very upset and entered the Dessert Company to eradicate all mutated desserts, and to find the cause.

Game Features
– A roguelike game that uses magic skills. You can start your adventure as a wizard.
-You can create your own unique combination of more than 50 skills and five elements.
-Find random skills on the floor and save the best for your magic book.
– Wait to get powerful magic runes by collecting them.
-More than 100 magic artifacts with various functions.
– Challenge boss fights and ranks with glory
-To defeat various enemies, collect magic cloaks and magic books.
– Endless mode, Infinite mode, and Daily Boss challenge.

What’s new?

-Dear wizard,
-Christmas Update is Here!
-A new cloak, a new map, and a new monster!
-Have fun with us!
-This Christmas update should bring you more joy.
-Merry Christmas!

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