XBrowser APK v3.7.7

XBrowser is a web browser on mobile. Fast installation, small capacity, smooth operation. If that’s what you need in a mobile browsing app, then XBrowser is very suitable.

Jul 29, 2022
Size 1MB
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Minimalist & Super Fast
1M size, requires minimal resources. It is very smooth and quick.

Ad blocking

You can remove up to 80% of malicious ads with Super Ad Blocker. You can import and subscribe to third-party blocking rules.

Video Sniffing

Video sniffing technology that can detect and save video from the Internet.

User Script

Built-in Tampermonkey and Support GreaseMonkey user scripts You have greatly improved your browser capabilities.

Privacy and Security

There are few permissions required, there are no background residency services or push services and many privacy and security options.

Autofill forms

Complete forms using saved information, such as your username, password, address, etc.


Many personalization options are available, including appearance, gestures, and shortcuts. You can adjust it to suit your preferences.

What’s new?

The navigation and status bar are both immersed when you select the Immersion option “Status/Navigation Bar immersion”. (Browser Settings>> Customization >> Immersion setting)
Click on the address bar to see new “Copy current URL”, and “Enter site settings” options.
There is a new option for standalone website settings: “Disable Auto-fill”.
Optimize startup speed by re-opening multiple tabs 30% faster

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