You Must Build A Boat APK v1.6.1199

You Must Build A Boat – a puzzle in which you have to build your boat and travel on it around the world. To begin with, in this game you will be given a small boat, in the course of the game you have to build it and at the end turn it into a huge ship with numerous passengers. Travel to various worlds, from the tower of magi and ending with hell, and fight with terrible monsters. Stack three or more identical items in a row and use powerful attacks, as well as magic to help your hero pass the quests and quickly build a boat. Check your abilities in the business and build a huge ship as soon as possible.

Nov 18, 2019
Size 35.40MB
Version 1.6.1199
Requires Android
Varies with device

This is a fantastic mashup of endless runner and match-three that is unique on mobile. It’s addictive and very addicting. Stuff Magazine – Buy It
“* * ** * – This makes the original game feel more like a demo. It’s insanely entertaining and almost impossible to put down. Touch Arcade.

“* * ** 1/2 Gold Award – Building your boat will be the most important job in your life.” – Game Informer

“* * * * 1/2” – We are happy to build another boat. – Gamezebo

You can travel the globe in your boat from the top to the bottom of hell, all the way up to the Mage Tower

You can recruit a crew to live aboard your boat, and then offer their services.

To keep running, match as fast as possible

To get bonuses and help in battle, turn monsters into your cause.

You can use magic to assist you in your quests. Don’t forget about your onboard Arcanery for upgrades.

You will never have the same experience twice with procedural dungeons or random Dungeon Modifiers.

You can upgrade your tiles, Quaff Potions and Pray for Modifiers according to your play style.

What speed can you build a boat?

It would be a great idea to build a boat.
It would be a good idea to get out of bed.
It would be a good idea to bargain with the lizardman.
It would be a good idea to pay attention to your undead navigators.
It would be helpful if you could slide rows or columns of tiles onto a 6×8 grid.
Matching must be at least 3.
You must always run to the right.
Focusing on two areas simultaneously is necessary.
Matching keys would be helpful to unlock chests or swords for attack.
It is time to collect your thoughts and exchange them for dragons.
You cannot sway.
It is a good idea to be patient.
You can increase the difficulty of your quests by taking on multiple missions at once.
You will be more successful if you work incrementally towards your goals. A boat would be a great idea.
It would be helpful if you tried again.
It would be helpful if you tried x5 once more.
It would be helpful if you won every game, even if you lose.
It is a good idea to remain optimistic.
It would be a great idea to upgrade your magic staff.
You might find it helpful to occasionally stop playing in order to let your hand unclamp.
It would be helpful if you were able to take credit for random chains you did not make an effort to arrange.
To make risky investments with your cash, you must trust a blue bean man.
The blue bean man must be forgotten.
It would be helpful if you could keep an eye on the asp.
It is important to understand that, despite the title of the game, you start your journey with what I already have a boat in no uncertain terms.
It would be a great idea to build a boat.
You would be a great help if your retro style was fully implemented.
It would be a good idea to trade junk for gold with the Voidorb.
Salt must be prayed for.
It would be helpful if you ate fish and tomatoes at least once a day.
You have to venture through Helll.
As your life is at stake, it would be a great help to disarm traps.
It would be helpful if you offered a sacrifice at the chapel.
You will need to rally the Fantasy Union, the Undead Buddies and other supporters for your cause.
It would be a great idea to weigh anchor and then to jog in unison with the rest of your crew.
You might be able to pretend interest in criticizing the gardener’s work.
It’s impossible to look up at the clock without wondering how it has already been so long.
It would be a great idea to build a boat.
A boat must be built!

What’s new?

-Daily Challenges: Extra Skins
– Skin Manager – Change your character skins
– Localisation. Hello World!
– Better Resolution handling
– Performance enhancements and bug fixing
– See your achievements in-game

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