ZOZ: Final Hour APK v’1.0.38′

ZOZ: Final Hour – this is an action game for mobile phones, where players must survive in a zombie apocalypse. The gameplay takes place in the third person, both firearms and cold steel can be used against the dead. Some have some crystals on their backs that can be mined.

Jul 28, 2022
Size 1030MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

ZOZ: Final Hour, a TPS is available for extreme shooting pleasure. Zombie City, San Yager. 15 mercenaries, including you, infiltrate the city in search of Blood Crystals. This mysterious substance is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and holds the promise of human redemption! With enough Blood Crystals, you can only retreat. But be careful Merc! Zombies aren’t the greatest threat. Humans are.
– Zombie or Human
San Yager considers death a new beginning. After losing all his blood, Merc will resurrect as a Zombie. The desire for blood consumes your mind. You are a Zombie; all you want is the pure pleasure of hunting down humans. It’s time for you to die!

Rogue or Peace?
Kill Blood Crystal Zombies and extract the treasurable material. Or, take them from fellow Mercs. You can be yourself with the unique PvPvE mode. Remember that your goal is to get the crystal and get out of dodge.

– Lone-Wolf or Team-Player
You can choose Solo mode to fight it solo or Duo Mode to fight in pairs. Be careful!

Get ready to move!
To purchase gears, you’ll need to pay up-front. Each Merc will come with a variety of random gears.
A chopper will then transport you to the battlefield. It consists of 7 blocks of randomly built complexes. Each mission is a thrilling surprise!

ZOZ only supports Android 5.0 and higher versions.
[(Thrill and glory await you in the zombie city. Join us now)]


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